About Scuola Calcio

About the Scuola Calcio, Italian Soccer School Project

The continuing research for new talents has brought the Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) Project to widen its own circuit of the Soccer School affiliations, giving the possibility to many organizations to find an interlocutor in a position to help grow and to supply the technical-organizational "know-how". Today the Scuola Calcio Project has many soccer school affiliates in and around the world and is working closely with many different Italian professional soccer clubs.

The International Project

For years, Scuola Calcio or Soccer School has been among Europe's leaders in the development of its youth players. We have committed great resources and know-how to the continuing search for young talent in Italy and Europe The International program is a program designed top extend the search to North America while assisting clubs in the development in their own players through a partnership with a professional soccer organization.

This partnership offers clubs in North America an unique opportunity to compare with and grow, while receiving technical and organizational support with the purpose of acquiring new methodologies of teaching. In turn, Italian Scuola Calcio is looking for players that can be inserted into the professional soccer school in Italy.

The "Affiliates" program provides for a healthy exchange of ideas through the first hand contact with the principals of the Italian Scuola Calcio's technical staff. As an affiliate, member organizations have access to the professional development curriculum and professional staff. The program, offers several opportunities for players and coaches to travel to Perugia for tournament play and training. Members may also elect to bring the Italian Scuola Calcio coaches to their location to conduct training sessions for players and coaches.

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The Italian Scuola Calcio is the leader within the local, regional, national and international territories, always promoting the participation of it's youth soccer teams in tournaments. In 1996 the Scuola Calcio program began operations in the USA and Canada.

Our Philosphy

Scuola Calcio, Italian Soccer School believes in one very simple principle; if we take care of our students, everything else will fall into place. We keep three key main objectives in mind:

Students/Players - Every aspect of our soccer programs is motivated by putting the players first. This is our number one priority for our coaches and is at the heart of what we do. The objective is to provide our players with the very best soccer training and services available by providing an unmatched level of instructions. Anything less is failure from our point of view. Our professional staff have the mindset, knowledge, experience, and commitment to develop the players to the highest level.
Coaches - Our coaching staff are highly valued and motivated individuals. The dynamic work environment fosters personal and professional development which enables them to provide the ultimate in "Youth Soccer Player Development Methodology". The diverse professional soccer background of our coaching staff, promotes the kind of innovation that can only come from the interaction of unique and varied perspectives. We are honored to work with coaches that take pride in what they do.
Parents - A key element to our success is our relationship with the parents of our students. By providing them with all the information and customer support necessary, they are assured that their son or daughter is, without any doubt in great company and therefore they are "worry-free".

Scuola Calcio, Italian Soccer School offers: Soccer Camp Italy, Soccer Camp Brazil, Soccer Tour in Italy, Soccer Tour in Brazil, Soccer Coaching Symposium, and Soccer Try-outs!

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