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Soccerkix, Italian Premier Soccer School believes children are provided a proper environment in which to learn how to improve and develop their technical and tactical abilities. The Italian Premier Soccer School staff will provide competitive youth soccer players with a positive encouraging club environment, focusing on friendship, respect, good citizenship, personal integrity, and above all hard work. The goal is to improve every player within the technical and tactical aspects of soccer training in both the mental and physical sides of the game.

Find out more about our coaching staff:

  • ANTONIO SAVIANO - Scuola Calcio Director and Technical Consultant 
  • BRUNO REDOLFI - Insegnare Calcio Academy Director and Scuola Calcio Technical Professor
  • DEK SMITH - SISA (Savannah International Soccer Academy) Director, Scuola Calcio Technical Consultant
  • MARCO STOINI - Ascoli Calcio Technical Director and Scuola Calcio (Italian Soccer School) Technical Consultant
  • LEONARDO LANZOLLA - Scuola Calcio (Italian Soccer School) Technical Consultant

Antonio Saviano - President of Soccerkix

For the past nine years, Antonio Saviano has been the North America Director for many Italian professional soccerclubs, including AC Parma Scuola Calcio and AC Perugia Scuola Calcio. In that capacity he has been helping, leading and developing coaching and player development programs for over 140 affiliated soccer schools across North America and Europe. Mr. Saviano has also served on the "Task Force" coaching staff for the IFA (Italian Football Academy). His responsibilities in North America included the management of the Player Development Program, the support for affiliated soccer schools and the scouting of new soccer talents. 

Antonio holds USYSA and NSCAA licences and has written several books on youth soccer development, among them, "U-6 – U-12 Development Theory", "U-8 – U-10 Soccer School Development Manual". He co-authored "Playing to Learn to Play, Didactic Progression for the Development of the Technical-Tactical Fundamentals in the Soccer Schools" and has produced a training video. 

Born in the United States, Antonio's family moved back to Italy at a very early age. He grew up in the town of Pomigliano D'Arco in the province of Napoli. He started playing soccer about the time he could walk and began playing organized soccer at age 8. At the age of 16, Antonio signed a professional contract with Castel Cisterna where he played as a keeper.

Antonio is an extraordinary coach. His knowledge, love and passion for the game are so infectious that you cannot help but be drawn in. "Young players must learn through fun and games. They have to have fun and the reinforcement must always be positive or they will not come back. The game format keeps them interested while they are developing essential soccer skills", says Saviano. "Drills need to be progressive. They need to be presented at a base, fundamental level and slowly have elements added, making sure that the students comprehend each addition. If the student doesn't understand what is expected of them, they cannot effectively participate or make informed decisions for themselves".

Asked about the importance of his work Saviano responded, "What is more important than signing someone for a professional team is developing players on and off of the field". One of his favorite examples of what the sport can do is how it can give boys and girls lifelong friendships with people around the world. He has taken many groups of American players to Italy for tournament play in the last few years, which turned out to be a great experience for all involved. "They are still writing letters and e-mails with the Italian players. In some trips we lost every match", he said with a laugh, "But what they brought back, they will never forget. If you ask them what the scores were, they probably would not remember".

He brings a tremendous youth soccer history back to the community. 

Bruno Redolfi - Technical Professor

Bruno Redolfi received his first instructors certificate (Allenatore Giovani Calciatori), at the age of 23, youngest instructor in Italy at that time. In 1997 Mr. Redolfi received his second instructors certificate (third division coaching level). In 1998 he received his third instructors certificate (Allenatore di Base B UEFA). From 1996-2001 he was with AC Parma also of the Italian Serie A. There he served as a member of the AC Parma Soccer School's Center of Study. He also worked in the technical youth sector of the school, member of Scouting Staff and he was involved in the AC Parma national and International Summer Soccer Camps. 

As an author he has published several books on youth soccer development. Among them are "The Center Midfielder - Conductor of the Orchestra, Theory and Practice", " Defense, all the Characteristics of the Defensive System" and "Programming an Annual Activity of a Soccer School, Theory and Practice" (various edition). He also works in conjunction with the FGCI (Italian Soccer Federation) where he collaborates on Experimenting of Technical Programming of the youth sector.

In 2002 Mr. Redolfi became the Technical Director for the AC Perugia youth soccer school and the Technical Director responsible for all the affiliated AC Perugia soccer schools through out Italy and North America. His other duties include the Direction of scouting youth talent, Director of Center of Study & Development Program and serving as the Camp Director for the Grifo Summer Camp. At this time he will scout the first American Professional Player for Perugia Calcio: Davide Somma. 

From 2005 to 2006 he became the Technical Area Representative for I.F.A. - Italian Soccer Academy, Scouting Director for I.F.A. – Italian Soccer Academy and he was also the Director for the Centre of Studies and Development Program I.F.A. – Italian Soccer Academy as well as the Technical & Development Program Director for ASCOLI SOCCER ACADEMY and Technical Consultant and Scouting for AC ASCOLI, Italian Professional Soccer Team. 

From 2006 Bruno Redolfi is currently the assistant coach for Grosseto Calcio a Serie B Italian Team.

We asked Mr. Redolfi what his life's work has meant to him. He replied, "When I was a kid I started by playing and having fun. Today it has become my passion and my life. It motivates me to move forward with a strong sense of responsibility". Redolfi added, "I have always asked my players to consider me as a bigger brother, a source of reference. For me, seeing a young kid growing up to be a respected person on and off the field, is a great achievement and it makes me think that my work is like a mission. I strive to give the best of what I have to the Perugia Calcio (soccer school) and to all the affiliated organization in Italy and around the world". 

His experience in Italy of course, in USA, Canada and Greece has helped him to understand the importance of player development in Italy. He noted, "These experiences give me a better understanding of what I am looking for when I go to work with the soccer organization". 

Dek Smith - SISA/Scuola Calcio Technical Consultant

Dek brings his soccer expertise to America after many years in the game as player/coach and referee from his native home in Manchester, England

Dek worked for many years as a national staff coach for the Football Association of Wales working with the national youth teams at various centers of excellence around the country.

Dek also hold the prestigious UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Class A' advanced coaching award. Dek also holds a class A' refereeing award. Dek is unique in being both professional coach and professional referee in is native home in England.

Since coming to America with his wife Debbie who teaches English literature, Dek has worked has State coach for the 87 South Carolina boys, plus Director of coaching for clubs in South Carolina and Georgia.

Dek now runs the Savannah International Soccer Academy www.savannahsoccer.com and is also Director of Coaching for Golden Isles Soccer Association.

Here is what Lee Congerton, Head of Recruitment for Chelsea Football Club had to say: "I have worked along side Dek on many soccer and coaching experiences for over ten years. Dek as worked at all levels of the player development spectrum. He has always illustrated and extraordinary ability to be a coach to all age groups, all standards, and a mentor to other aspiring coaches."

" Dek Smith has proven to be an outstanding South Carolina state staff coach…He has taken this squad to a higher level, and has shown the administration from SC how to organize a state select team." Bob Moulin, National Staff Coach, ODP.

Marco Stoini - Scuola Calcio Technical Consultant

Marco Stoini has played in the Italian Serie D (Fourth Division) as a goalkeeper. When he suffered a serious injury at age 22 he had to stop playing so he started his coaching career. 

Coaching Career: Marco holds his UEFA B License and he is been coaching for the last 18 years. He is been working with all categories, from Youth level (Soccer School) to Adult level (Professional). He currently oversees the Player developement system for the Ascoli Calcio Academy, Youth Sector of San Luigi Calcio Trieste, one of the most important youth soccer club in Italy.

His past experiences include working with clubs such as: Triestina (Currently in Serie B – Italian Second Division), Parma (Currently in Serie A – Italian Premier Division), Perugia (Currently in Serie C – Italian Third Division) and Ascoli (Currently in Serie B – Italian Second Division).

Marco's responsibilities for these clubs is to manage youth sector activities, technical and tactical education and scouting of new soccer talents, in Italy and abroad, (North America). 

He has worked for the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) as an instructor at regional and national level. He is currently the technical director of a very important Italian youth soccer club (St. Luigi Soccer Trieste). One of its teams became the Italian Junior champion of the U18 boys category in 2004.

Marco is also working as an instructor-coordinator for the Ascoli Soccer Academy, which have affiliates in Italy and abroad. He has written various articles on many soccer player's development issues, mainly for internal use in technical education facilities where he has worked and still works.

He is also contributes much of his work on player development to the Scuola Calcio Magazine, a monthly youth soccer development magazine (www.soccercoachingmagazine.com

Here is what Marco Stoini had to say: "Youth Soccer is not really about winning, or how many goals players score, it is about player development. It is about teaching the right development method so players can progress and grow, it is not going about to beat the other team, it is about developing the players to their fullest potential".

Leonardo Lanzolla - Scuola Calcio Technical Consultant

Leonardo Lanzolla played as a Pro in the Italian 4th Division (Serie D), as a forward. Born and raised in Italy, Mr. Lanzolla moved to the United States in 1986.

Mr. Lanzolla holds a NSCAA Advanced National Diploma (equivalent to USSF B License), NSCAA National Diploma (equivalent to USSF C License), NSCAA National Youth, BRUSA National C License (Brazilian) and a SCUOLA CALCIO, Italian Soccer School Cerificate of Accomplishment (Italian Premier Soccer Program). Leonardo has been coaching and training for the past 15 years at all different categories.

Mr. Lanzolla is currently the Director of Coaching of PUMAS-UNAM Seattle Soccer School, his responsibilities include the Technical and Tactical Development of the School's coaches and players. He has also attended many soccer coaching symposiums including the AC PERUGIA Italian Coaching Symposium held in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Mr. Lanzolla runs regular summer Soccer Camps and Clinics with Italian Scuola Calcio methodology as a Technical Director for the West Coast.

He says, "What's of primary importance at any level, Youth, Semi-Pro, Pro, is to instill a share driven passion and sharing an active knowledge of the game of Soccer".

"At the Development Level, clear and simple progressions with a sense of awareness, anticipation and instinctive improvisation are fundamental factors that help you gain confidence for the game and for life. Soccer helps each player to stimulate personal fun and physical expressions alone and with others."

"As Coaches/Educators/Instructors and Trainers, we bring personal intuition, organization, creativity and methodology, all for the good of the game and the players."

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