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Prevention of Injuries

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A recent research has confirmed that a players of the age of 11-13 after a full soccer game, respect to older players need longer recover times. It is not only a recover time for the muscular system or the energy, but also for the immune system, because this in fact, needs adequate recover times. In less words if coaches want to avoid overload work and risk of injuries, coaches should keep players from playing games at least three days between each time.
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Defensive Aspects of a Player

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Almost every aspect of a soccer game is a 1v1 situation. Every situation of play between a forward and a defender decides the possession of the ball, switches the game from the offensive mode to the defensive mode or vice versa and can determine the final outcome. The simple saying of a coach is: "Win in the 1v1 situation and most likely win the game". The teaching of the 1v1 is crucial, either for the individual success of the player that the one for the entire team.
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Small Sided Games - Is it better?

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Unfortunately the instructors that work with these delicate age groups do not always incorporate the objectives mentioned above, but instead they turn their attention towards activities related to the adult soccer players. The reasons for these "deviations" may be are because of the desire to reach the "winning" results, which, in many cases can be an easy objective to reach with the young age groups.
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