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Scuola Calcio - Italian Premier Soccer School and Soccerkix Programs offer International Soccer Schools Programs, Italy and USA Soccer Camps, All-Year Soccer Boarding Schools, International Soccer Camps, Custom Soccer Team Tours and Youth Soccer Tournament (Italy and Brazil)

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When the members of the '94 Wilmington N.C Cape Fear Beakers Boys Soccer Club departed for Perugia, Italy, they did not know what to expect. They did know, however, that they would be training and participating in an international tournament that included players from several European countries as well as the United States and Canada.
Their coach, Antonio Saviano, tried to get them to understand that many of their opponents would be ...

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Italian and International Soccer Tours

It is now the time to begin thinking about your soccer plans for the up coming Summer, 2008. Scuola Calcio offers not only International Soccer Tournaments for Girls and Boys Soccer Teams, but also Friendly and Developmental players and teams soccer tours. Teams are free to visit charming places of the Umbria Region. Soccerkix supervises all aspects of the travel arrangements to assure an organize...

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