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Single Player Issue

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While I believe it is a parent's right to think that their child is special, the fact is that coaches sometimes never stop hearing about how good their child is. This is not all, it can also go on to the next step which now is to hear that there are some players do not play the way they should, but are the coach's favorites. So I tell my self: "It is just not enough to speak well about their own children but also speak ill of other players".
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Many, many players are in the Major Leagues who had once been told they couldn't make it. Former Yankee star Scott Brocious told me at every level he every played there were more talent players than he. But he believed and he focused.
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The adventure is over. Spain beat Italy 4-2 in the penalty shootout and send them packing. The magic of Berlin disappears on a hot Vienna night. After a goalless 120', De Rossi and Di Natale miss their penalties, while Buffon manages to stop Guiza's shot. It's time to turn the page; the world champions are out of this championship.
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