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Soccer Fever Catches On

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The Right Forward Diksha management school has signed MoU with Antonio Saviano's Soccerkix

Realising the interest that the high-stamina sport soccer is generating among youngsters, Diksha Sports Management, a Delhi-based company recently brought in Italian soccer coach Antonio Saviano to train football players and coaches in the Capital. 

Antonio, founder and president of soccer coaching school 'Soccerkix', said: "The kids here have all the qualities to be good soccer players." 

Antonio said it will take five years to train the players fully and make them top quality players. During the first two years, players usually develop about 20 per cent skill, in the third year, it goes up to 75 per cent and during the last two years they become full-fledged soccer players. 

"I am satisfied with the response of the players. They have all the energy and stamina to follow my training. They are very quick learners. I don't see any problem. We shared many ideas with players and their coaches. They are very interested and eager to know and learn skills of the game," said the visiting coach. 

A good blend of tactical and technical skill is required to be a good soccer player. 

Said Antonio, "Soccer demands 80 per cent technical skill and 20 per cent tactical skill. We divide technical skill in two ways. It's 20 per cent physical and 60 per cent is about facing, receiving, moving, coordination and balance. And rest 20 per cent is tactical and difficult to learn."

Playing at international level requires many qualities b Antonio said, "I think Indian players can play at any level. They don't get chance to prove their potential at international level. The future of soccer is very bright for India."

Diksha Sports Management (DSM) also signed MoU with Soccerkix to provide training to young players.

A girl from Delhi, Disha Malhotra is going with him to Italy. "She is going with me to play and train with an Italian soccer club for one year", added the coach happily.

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