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Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) Program

The Scuola Calcio (soccer school) program was started in 1996 by Antonio Saviano with the idea of developing and improving the soccer game within the National and International youth soccer system. It offers the children, the opportunity to get closer to what Mr. Saviano calls, "the sportive discipline", as well as the opportunity to work with some of the best instructors in the world. The Scuola Calcio (soccer school) program represents a unique opportunity for the young soccer student to grow in an environment filled with talent. The main goal is to always improve the technical and tactical aspects of the game of soccer but with an emphasis on developing players that will be better people on and off the field. The program is administered by some of the most qualified instructors in the world, with the objective of being one of the best systems in the world, the Scuola Calcio has opened affiliates in many different parts of the world.

The Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) has consolidated the experience developed from its own technical staff and the experience acquired within the last few years from the A. C. Perugia Soccer School and A.C. Parma Soccer School program's technical staff. The Italian Scuola Calcio has included in the search, its own formation and exploitation of the youth soccer players, the mission is characterized to adopt an innovative politics and dynamics in the development of the actual activity. The Italian Scuola Calcio has built a network of 130 affiliated soccer schools, some of which in Italy and other abroad (North America) and other foreign countries such as Ghana, and an organization of 80 professional scouts-observers, 20 regional coordinators and 5 International coordinators. These are people in charge of different areas, all of them coming from an extensive carrier in the professional youth soccer sectors. Each sportive season the Italian Scuola Calcio technical staff conducts over 400 technical visits to the affiliated soccer schools and organizes over 50 yearly selections (try-outs) for young soccer players between the age of 12 to 16, monitoring over 13000 players. The result of this complex and organized activity allows to individualize the better players from each affiliated soccer schools therefore introduce them to the professional clubs of Serie A and B (Italian Premier and First Division). At the conclusion of each sportive season, young soccer players chosen from the Italian Scuola Calcio are introduced in the professional youth sector areas of the professional soccer clubs.

ITALIAN SCUOLA CALCIO (SOCCER SCHOOL) - Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School in Italian) is a consortium of football organizations located on National and International territory that proposes to put its network and experience of scouting and its skills in making the most of young players at the availability of those professional clubs which request this service. Italian Scuola Calcio's technical structure specializes in scouting, supporting the 'Youth Sector', and teaching basic activities, paying particular attention to youth soccer players between the ages of 6 to 16. Italian Scuola Calcio's structure represents all the non-professional organizations that develop new talent. Its activities are aimed to promote the technical growth of soccer schools, as well as increasing the value for their 'youth sector'. Italian Scuola Calcio's activities maintain a permanent focus on scouting and monitoring the National and International territory. The network of affiliated soccer schools guarantees that the both territories are fully monitored.

PROFESSIONAL CLUB'S CHALLENGES - In recent years, the soccer world has been rocked by many problems, amongst one of which is the youth player development. Subsequently, many professional clubs have been forced to concentrate on their main teams and have neglected to invest in the youth player development. One of the strongest efforts to heal part of the current crisis is to work attempt to by innovate and develop the youth players sector. A consequence of this innovation is the return to nurture young players directly out of the 'breeding ground system'. Each club finds the improvement and development of its youth players to be fundamental in creating a competitive advantage on rival clubs in the acquisition of talented young players, and this is also a way of keeping costs down.

- Teach young players away from home ground in order to reduce or eliminate any costs incurred during the training period.
- Monitoring and scouting are carried out through a network of instructors in charge of areas and cover the whole youth sector area with particular attention to players between 12-16 years of age.
- Having the free option of young players chosen by the Italian Scuola Calcio, as well as a free yearly contracts.
- Since the Italian Scuola Calcio organizations is financed by its sponsors, free technical services are provided.

- Participating in many training courses aimed at improving instructors.
- Use of technical Development Program that is annually compiled by the Italian Scuola Calcio's technical staff.
- The Study Centre provides consultancy and information for upgrading and introducing new players development methods.
- Personnel will carry out periodic visits to verify affiliated organizations team sporting activities.
- Participation in sports demonstrations and National and International tournaments.
- Professional organizations will have the chance to evaluate athletes through the Italian Scuola Calcio

- 85 National and International Affiliated clubs (Europe - USA - Canada - West Africa)
- 15 Technical Area Manager
- 80 Technical Observers
- 400 Technical Stages for Players of Affiliated Clubs
- 40 Formation/Development Stages for Instructors of Affiliated Clubs
- 50 Yearly meeting to scout new talent
- 13000 Athletes involved in the organization

- Italian Scuola Calcio's centres are located in:
> ITALY: Reggio Emlia, (RE)
> North America: Wilmington, USA
> West Africa: Accra, Ghana
- Each centres is directed under the technical and organization by the Italian Scuola Calcio management.

- Each Italian Scuola Calcio centre has extensive sports facilities at its availability.
- Through these centres, the Italian Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) manages over 500 youth players between 6 and 16 years of age.
- In each centre, different teams are formed in the following categories:
> "Piccoli Amici" (6-8 years of age)
> "Pulcini" (8-10 years of age)
> "Esordienti" (10-12 years of age),
> "Giovanissimi" (12-14 years of age)
> "Allievi" (14-16 years of age).
- Teams from different categories participate in local, provincial, regional, National and International competitions.
- Coaches are all qualified and are kept up-to-date on developments in training techniques.

To receive further information and to find out how to start a Scuola Calcio (Soccer School) program in your area email us!

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