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Italian Soccer Boarding School

Attention seriuos soccer players:
You must qualify to attend the Italian Soccer School Program, please contact us today!

Italian Scuola Calcio 2019/20 (Soccer School) Programs include:
High School Italian Soccer Boarding School, University Italian Soccer Boarding School and Monthly and Bi-weekly Advanced Training

Weekly and by-weekly development training sessions also available. Contact us for more information!


   Students train in top International facilities
   Accepts boys and girls 14-18 years of age


   Players are evaluated through out the year
   Players show case their talent through out the year


   9 Month formative scholastic program
   High School and University formation course


SCUOLA CALCIO ALL YEAR BOARDING ITALIAN SOCCER SCHOOL - In this last years Scuola Calcio (Soccer School in Italian) has adopted a philosophy aimed to the valorization of young Italian and foreign soccer players. Our decision to concentrate on young talented players has giving us great results and has brought our scouted players to the teams that are competing in the UEFA Cup. We have been the first to study and analyze the development of soccer education in countries where soccer tradition is not so developed. Japan, China, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Greece, North and South America. All of these countries represent places in which the Scuola Calcio has gained fame and notoriety through the evaluation of young soccer players who have since then reached a certain high positions in the Italian "Serie A" (Premier Division). The foresights of our staff and the determination in pursuing the aims of our organization, represent the secret of our success. When we decided to aim on scouting and develop young players with this kind of determination many believed we would fail. The results showed we were correct and time gave us a growing experience in evaluating young soccer players: the knowledge we have acquired must be and it is our key for success in future.
ALL YEAR BOARDING SCHOOL - The "Scuola Calcio" represents a worldwide initiative that is been made available to allow all young talented players, of an age ranging between 14 and 18 years old, to confront their with the Italian soccer under the guidance of our technical staff. This is a specialized course created to develop and emphasize the technical abilities of young athletes. The aim of the "Scuola Calcio" is to involve the young athletes in a long training period at our facilities, to enable them to become familiar with Italian soccer and our working methodologies. During the "Soccer Training Master Course", the Scuola Calcio trough its staff will deeply evaluate the technical capabilities of the young players to program a future insertion within the professional youth sector teams. The duration of the "Soccer Trainign Master Course" is nine months and coincides with the beginning and the end of the scholastic year: it begins in September and it ends in June of the following year. The number of available spaces is limited and depends on the order in which the registration forms arrive, therefore teh Scuola Calcio (Soccer School in Italian) reserves the rights to select each candidates. 

PERUGIA - The Umbria region provides breathtaking views that compare with the best that Italy has to offer. It is a region of rich culture, enduring traditions and peaceful spirit. Perugia is the capital of the Umbria region. From a hill Perugia dominates the Tevere Valley offering an astonishing view of its rare beauty, with medieval structures and buildings of the renascence period. Piazza IV Novembre is the center of the city, where the main roads meet, and where some of the most important monuments rise. On one side of the square we find the Palazzo dei Priori, one of the most important gothic buildings of medieval architecture, that has now become Umbria's National Gallery; on the other side the Cathedral occupies most of the square with its huge left side, the Logge di Braccio. The Fontana Maggiore is located in the center of the square, it is one of the most beautiful fountains of the 200 B.C. for its harmony and decorations. From here Corso Vanucci begins, one of the most elegant street of Perugia that connects Piazza IV Novembre with Piazza Italia. Here we find the famous garden of Belvedere which was built on top of the basement of the Rocca Paolina, a fortress built by Pope Paolo III in 1540. This basement is enclosed in an entire area of the old city, an underground city that can now be visited. Other beautiful places and monuments that must be visited are the church of S. Francesco, the Oratorio of S. Bernardino and the Etruscan Arc, a huge arc of Etruscan origins formed by powerful walls built with blocks.
LOGISTICS - To well manage all the details of the athletes permanence in Perugia, we have arranged their accommodation in a college where they can enjoy comfortable lodges. These are structures rich in history and tradition created to host young soccer players for long periods of time, where also many young athletes from different professional youth sector stay. They are institutes that have cooperated with Scuola Calcio for years and represent a real guarantee. In these institutes, young athletes live together, having an important experience and respecting and learning the rules set by our organization. In each institute, the students will complete their cultural and physical preparation with many initiatives programmed by our professors. The infrastructures offered by these colleges give the athletes possibilities of various entertainment and cultural enhancements: library, multimedia center, computer laboratories, theatre, sport fields and other recreational areas can be periodically utilized by the athletes. Each institute has a dining area with food chosen by our staff after appropriate analyses. Every meal is prepared inside the college by specialized personnel respecting the most severe health rules. Each institute provides full-assistance, and the athletes are supervised by our staff 24 hours a day. They will be able to leave the institute only after they are authorized by one of our Scuola Calcio assigned staff and only in certain established hours of the day. The accommodations are made up of large rooms to a max of 3 beds, and each athlete has his own closet and desk.

SPORTING ACTIVITY - The participants of the program enrich their technical preparation participating in the training program organized by the Scuola Calcio's technical staff of the. The training program will take place at the official Scuola Calcio facilities. The training structures in Perugia are located near Assisi, about 20 minutes away from the center of Perugia, on the beautiful Mount Subasio. Training will be about 1.5 hours, five times per week. During the permanence in Italy, the athletes have the opportunity to train and confront themselves with players that are already involved with professional teams youth development program. Periodically all participants will participate in games with other teams of different categories. The students will also have the opportunity to participate in our regional soccer season of the youth sector league.  At the end of the program a diploma will be presented to each participant.
TRAINING GEAR - To endure an entire soccer season and to satisfy the needs of the athletes, an official Scuola Calcio merchandise kit is included for each participant of the "All Year Boarding School".
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